Report Card on Countries Readiness (Innovative Finance to Scale)

Innovative finance readiness reflects a country’s capacity to (1) plan for, (2) access, and (3) deliver innovative finance solutions to scale, as well as (4) monitor and report on impact. Over the past 12 years, ThBC.lab has been promoting the need for Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to work on the fundamentals that will […]

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Nutrition & Food Security (System change is primordial)

Food systems are changing, with growing reliance in many regions on inefficient supply chains and large-scale distribution systems that are both meeting and fueling changes in food demand and dietary preferences. While improving efficiency, the changing nature of food systems also creates new challenges and concerns regarding the high calorie and low nutritional value of […]

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First Nation & Indigenous Populations (Inclusive Trade)

Autonomy for ethnic communities is crucial and important for sustainable economic development. Obtaining a voice through social leadership has been extremely challenging for ethnic communities in Colombia considering the violent crimes committed against them. More than 200 of our social leaders have been killed since the signing of the Peace Accord between the FARC and […]

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Healthcare & Social Determinants of Health (From Reactive to Proactive)

Health starts in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities. We know that taking care of ourselves by eating well and staying active, not smoking, getting the recommended immunizations and screening tests, and seeing a doctor when we are sick all influence our health. Our health is also determined in part by access to social […]

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