Innovative Finance is not sexy

This might sound counter intuitive. Why would I want to imply that Innovative Finance is boring? Clearly my objective should be the opposite. Perhaps it is my intend to go beyond the hype that is surrounding Innovative Finance.  On the surface Innovative Finance has been made very attractive by all the buzzwords we are throwing […]

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Colombia’s problems are not unique, the context is. At first glance Colombia is doing great. In 2016 the Colombian government signed a historic peace agreement with the FARC, the country’s biggest guerrilla movement, to end the continent’s longest war of more than 50 years. Earlier this year Colombia joined the OECD as a full member […]

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Innovative Finance vs. Impact Investment

The main differences This is a question I get a lot. For the uninitiated to the impact jargon, it all sounds more of the same. If the finance world has been very good at something, it is the repackaging and rebranding of financial products. So it is no coincidence that the general public has become […]

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Innovative Finance Framework

Finding Our Why 2020 is the year during which numerous organizations (ie. UN, EU, UNFCCC, ) are taking stock on their work over the past decade and planning the final decade towards 2030. Although many actors in Government, Private Sector, Civil Society have set specific targets for the 2030’s, it is still highly uncertain if […]

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