Impact2030 & Human Capital

Impact2030 & Human Capital

IMPACT2030 was founded in response to UN Resolution A/RES/66/67, which called on the United Nations to further engage with the private sector “through the expansion of corporate volunteering and employee volunteer activities”. We are activating a global movement of #Employees4SDGs; facilitating avenues for cross-sector and cross-industry collective action at a local, national and global level; and developing a framework to measure the contributions and impact of human capital investments on the SDGs.

No company operates on a basis of financial capital in one building, human capital in another, intellectual capital in another city, for example. All these things are interrelated and interconnected.

As champions of collaboration, we are uniting companies to scale the impact of their pro-bono, skills-based and traditional human capital investment programs at a local, regional and global level​.

As a Latam Leader of Impact2030, we work closely with companies to join forces and use the skills, expertise and creativity of their people as a force for good, they can change the world.

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